About Sage

I believe in calming the body as well as the mind while approaching the fascia at a slow and deliberate pace.  This provides a deep and effective massage. Many clients are unaware that their range of motion is constantly being evaluated, increased upon and reassessed throughout each session. Some clients really desire that "hurts-so-good" feeling, therefore techniques that give those sensations are used when they are safe and appropriate.

I am an active individual that has participated in triathlons and various other sports.  I continue to regularly swim, bike, run, hike and lift weights.  I understand how an active lifestyle can be a benefit and burden to the body and work.

At Sage Bodywork, there are no additional fees for different modalities, inclusionof essential oils, balms, cremes or hot or cold therapy. Therapeutic treatments are individually tailored based on each client's needs and generally include elements from multiple modalities.

I have been a New Orleans resident since 2006. I received my massage therapy education at Delgado Community College where I graduated on the Dean's List. My licensure was overseen by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards and I am a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  VIP Magazine named me as one of New Orleans' Top 20 Professionals of 2015. (link: http://issuu.com/myvipmag/docs/16thissue ) 

I am licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Massage Therapy, license number LA7813 and by the Maine State Department of Massage Therapy Professional and Occupational Regulation, license number MT5706.

I am a private practitioner.  My studio is located within my professionally maintained home.